Community Involvement

The university´s activities such as teaching, research, community involvement and management should all be aligned with the country’s progress and contribute with the accomplishment of the goals and policies set in the "Plan Nacional del Buen Vivir" ( National Plan for a good life).

UPS wants to have an effective participation in society, as well as demanding the university to be socially responsible through programs and projects which will get people involved. The activities should focus on current contexts like poverty, unfairness, injustice, violence, migration, violation of human rights, etc.

UPS has a structure for community involvement and internationalization which focuses on offering services according to the community’s needs and also according to the institution’s fields. Therefore, participation lines have already been set, and their programs and projects are as follows:


With this, the activities for Community involvement are:

a. Pre professional internships
b. Continuing education (academic and scientific events)
c. Specialized services (consults, services and research).
d. Social extensions (cultural, pastoral, projects)
e. Student and teacher mobility
f. Cooperation networks.